DNA Evidence Series

Collecting fingerprints at a crime scene has long been a routine procedure. Today’s public safety personnel have another potent weapon to add to the crime-fighting arsenal – DNA.Except for identical twins, each person’s DNA is different. Because of these differences, DNA collected from a crime scene can either link a suspect to the evidence or eliminate a suspect.DNA evidence can also help to solve crimes previously thought to be unsolvable.The proper handling of DNA evidence is critical to its usefulness as evidence.The DNA First Responder module covers essential training in the fundamentals of properly preserving, collecting, handling and storing DNA evidence for professionals who respond to or process a crime scene.

The DNA Evidence course contains a DNA Evidence learning segment and four interactive crime scenarios. Each scenario provides a 360 degree view, allowing the student to move about the crime scene. These scenarios include homicide, sexual assault, burglary and violent crime.

Special Thanks to the National Institute of Justice, National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence, and Eastern Kentucky University in the development of this training.

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