What is the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) examination format?

What is the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) testing format?

The Certified Protection Officer (CPO) final examination is an online proctored examination, with a paper-based option.

Exam Questions

Presently the CPO final examination consists of 328 true/false or multiple choice questions.

Time Limit

There is a four (4) hour time limit to this examination.


Being a member of the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is not mandatory. Membership is not a prerequisite for enrollment into any of the IFPO programs.

When the candidate is ready to take the final exam, the following will apply:

    • A Proctor Application must be completed and forwarded to IFPO.

    • If the final exam is to be taken online, the login information will be sent by email to the proctor.

    • In the case of a written final exam, the paper exam is mailed to the proctor.

    • The proctor and candidate then arrange a convenient exam date and time that works for them both.

    • Upon completion of the final exam, all the exam paperwork is returned to IFPO for grading; online candidates will see their score upon completing the exam.

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