How Do I Enroll in a Course

… or, why can’t I find my training?


When training subscriptions have one or more courses included, or you recently purchased a new subscription, you may need to enroll in the course first.

Start Tutorial

This tutorial will step you through self-enrolling in your training content.

Note Training organizations can enable, or disable, basic functionality depending on the organizations training needs. This may result in your screen appearing slightly different than the example screens. Blue boxes provide additional information

Action Click on each vertical tab to self-enroll in a course. Orange boxes will provide actions for you to take.


Click on the Find More Training Tab

When first logged into the training portal, typically you will be on the Enrollments tab of the My Training page.

Clicking on the Find More Training tab will display course titles available to you.

Action Click the Find More Training tab.


Your training will be located in one, or more, folder(s). Each folder may in turn have one or more subfolders.

Action Take a moment to explore your training library.


It is not uncommon for a course to have a number of modules or units.

In the example course, you will notice a number of topics followed by a Post Test. Clicking on these links will display additional information, and allow enrollment.

Action Click on a link to view the additional information.


Enroll in a Course

The course description provides information regarding the selected module or unit.

The tabs above the course description allow quick access to other portions of your training library.

Action Optional: Click the Enroll button to enable a module or unit.


Verify enrollment

A green confirmation message is displayed once a course has been enrolled.

The course is now visible, and available to be launched (or started) on the initial Enrollments tab.

Action Click on the Enrollments tab to view all currently enrolled courses.


Launch your course

The Enrollments tab now displays the newly enrolled course.

Clicking on the course title will launch, or start, the course.

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