Proctor Qualifications

What are the CPO Examination Proctor Qualifications?

IFPO Proctor Qualifications

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) sets Proctor qualifications.  Currently Proctors may be selected from members of the following communities.

Proctor Suggestions

Workplace Security Professionals Civic Community
Corporate Instructor Certified Fraud Examiner Dean or Academic Department Head
General Manager Certified Protection Officer Librarian
Human Resource Officer Certified Protection Professional Member of the Clergy
President/Vice-President or Officer of an organization or company Certified Security Trainer Military Educational Officer
Staff Development Officer Law Enforcement Officer Military testing site
Supervisor Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) Official Learning/Tutoring Centers
Member of a Professional Security Association Official Testing Service of an Accredited University or College
Member of a recognized Policing Organization University/College Faculty Member


  • Other professionals may be approved by IFPO on a case-by-case basis. Please email or call IFPO at (239) 430-0534  for additional guidance.
  • Certified Protection Officer Candidates are NOT eligible to serve as a Proctor for another candidate.
  • For additional information  please see the Proctor Qualifications on the IFPO website.
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