Why is a training time range given?

Training blocks may be labeled:

Typically a learner will complete this course in 49 – 90 minutes

Why can’t a a specific training time be provided?

One benefit of online learning is that the learner is in control of their own learning. Learners read and comprehend at different rates, this comprehension difference makes it difficult to state that learning will take an ‘exact’ amount of time.

In general, once a learner considers they understand a ‘page’ of content, they have the ability to move on to the next piece of content. Sometimes content progress will be restricted long enough for the learner to hear narration or audio comments; other times a learning activity may consist of the learner demonstrating concept mastery through the completion of an exercise.

At the end of each major block of training the learner is provided with the opportunity to demonstrate learning objective mastery through a formal graded assessment.

Thus, even though every learner may spend different amounts of time understanding the content; all will demonstrate subject mastery.

Posted in FAQ by sonictemple at June 18th, 2012.
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