Homeland Security Specialty Program

The Homeland Security Specialist track is designed to meet the training needs of professional security officers, especially for anyone seeking to increase their awareness and understanding of the threat to our homeland. Learners can expect to spend five to nine hours interacting with the courseware. Specialty coursework topics include:

First Aid

  • First Responders and Patient Assessments
  • Shock and Substance Abuse
  • Wounds, Bleeding, and Head Injuries
  • Fractures and Heat/Cold Injuries
  • Heart Attacks and CPR

Homeland Security I: Emerging Threats

  • Introduction to Emerging Threats
  • Terrorism Defined
  • Techniques and Tactics
  • Types of Terrorists
  • Recent History of Terrorism

Homeland Security II: Weapons of Mass Destruction 1

  • Overview of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
  • The Protection Officer: Basic Guidelines for Response
  • Introduction to Biological Weapons
  • Potential Biological Weapons
  • Biological Attack: Detection and Defense

Homeland Security III: Weapons of Mass Destruction 2

  • Introduction to Risk Analysis and Chemical Weapons
  • Chemical Weapons and Protection Officer Response
  • Nerve Agents
  • Choking and Blood Agents
  • Chemical Weapons
  • Incapacitating Agents

Homeland Security VI: Domestic Terrorism

  • Dynamics: The International and Domestic Threat
  • Types of Domestic Terrorist Groups
  • Common Tactics and Methods
  • Domestic Bioterrorism


  • Getting the Facts
  • Interviewing Victims, Witnesses, and Suspects
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Conducting the Interview/Interrogation
  • Interpreters, Kinesics, and Polygraph

Homeland Security Specialty Career Track


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