Individual Courses

Security and Protection Professionals can gain valuable understanding and knowledge of distinct needs within their profession by completing additional training from the individual course series.

  • Basic Immigration Enforcement Training (BIET) is a highly interactive, self-paced multimedia training program that addresses the immigration knowledge requirements of local, state, and tribal law enforcement officers. BIET addresses a wide range of topics from False identification to Law Enforcement Support Center resources.
  • DNA Evidence Series courses cover the responsibilities of first responders; establishment of a chain of custody of evidence; maintenance of crime scene integrity; and proper procedures for the collection, packaging, and transporting of DNA evidence.
  • Español for Law Enforcement Provides public safety and security professionals common Spanish language phrases to aid in their daily duties by allowing them to hear key Spanish words and phrases. The 20+ offerings are available either individually or grouped in catalogs covering Spanish Basics, Field Interviews, and Procedures
  • Executive Protection Series of courses includes areas such as close personal protection, educational programs, and contingency planning, which are applicable to anyone facing “targeted” violence, not just executives.
  • Homeland Security Series provides professionals with training that will help them to thwart those who wish to terrorize our people and destroy our homeland.
  • Multi-Disciplinary courses are those core themes that cross security specialty disciplines including, fire safety, first aid, interview/interrogation techniques, and basic legal concepts.
  • Physical Security Series provides training that enables professionals to have a better understanding of the capabilities, weaknesses, and deployment strategies for physical security.
  • Public Events Security Series covers important subjects such as weapons of mass destruction, mass casualties, planning factors, and crowd control.
  • Retail Loss Prevention Series includes training to help security professionals guard against internal and external theft and provides awareness of basic legal issues.
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