High Impact Training Solutions (HITS) Institute Launches Español for Law Enforcement

HITS now offers the popular online course within a secure, propriety learning management system with robust tracking features.

Female Police Officer

“The accurate gathering of information in emergency situations is so critical in those situations where time is of the essence.”

High Impact Training Solutions, a division of Smart Horizons, announced today that public safety and emergency communications professionals can now access their required Español for Law Enforcement courses from within the NexPort Campus learning management system. Training supervisors report that the added tracking and audit capabilities within NexPort address risk management concerns.

The secure, proprietary NexPort Campus learning management system allows program administrators, directors, or training coordinators to track and report on student progress in real time. The next generation online learning and knowledge management platform also provides fully integrated synchronous learning using the NexMeeting online conferencing system that includes integrated telephone and computer-based audio, slide presentations, chat, white boards, and recording capability. Instructors and administrators are able to conduct web-based seminars and classes that are accessible to subscribers in even the most remote regions. NexPort Campus also supports interactive engagement within learning communities through the use of videos, wikis, blogs, collaborative web pages, and threaded discussions.

The Español for Law Enforcement courseware library provides a general understanding of common Spanish language phrases to aid in daily duties. It allows learners to see and hear key Spanish words and phrases. Students can choose the entire package of language training or select individual modules on subjects such as field interviews, law enforcement procedures, or basic Spanish language training.

“The Field Interviews courses are particularly helpful to law enforcement personnel who work in dispatch situations,” said Mark Tibbert, Director of High Impact Training Solutions. “The accurate gathering of information in emergency situations is so critical in those situations where time is of the essence.”

There are eight Field Interview courses offered. They provide instruction for interview situations that law enforcement professionals encounter on a regular basis: Felony Interview, Motor Vehicle Accident, Burglary, Cross Complaint, Missing Child, Protective Order, Noise Complaint, and Violent Spouse.

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