Myths of Stairwell Reentry

Lori Greene (@LoriGreeneAHC) the manager of Codes & Resources for Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, wrote an excellent article over at (@SecInfoWatch) regarding stairwell reentry code requirements.

Before you jump to the article, test yourself first. For this assessment each statement is either a myth or not:

  • Only high-rise buildings are required to comply with stairwell reentry requirements.
  • The door to every x-th floor must be unlocked, but the doors to the rest of the floors can be locked.
  • A fail safe electric strike can be used on a stair door to provide reentry.
  • The stairwell reentry requirements state that stair doors must unlock automatically upon fire alarm.
  • Both sides of a stair door can be locked as long as the door unlocks upon fire alarm.
  • Stair discharge doors opening to the exterior must unlock automatically upon fire alarm to allow firefighter access to the stair.

Lori’s blog site contains a plethora of information regarding door, hardware, and code questions.

Posted in Access Control, Security by sonictemple at March 12th, 2013.
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