Risk Mitigation Measures

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Risk mitigation measures can be classified as controls that are physical, technical, procedural, or compliance based. A physical control would be a fence, lock, or barrier.  A technical control might be alarms, cameras, or IT firewall software.  Procedural controls could be incident response processes or visitor access procedures. A compliance control could include having adequate insurance coverage or providing staff training.  Typically, an organization will use multiple controls in unison to create an in depth defense to thwart potential security risks.  These controls are designed to work proactively to deter potential man-made threats.  For example, a well-lit facility with prominent security patrols is often a deterrence to criminals who will look for an easier target.   The following is a simple list of potential risk mitigation measures:

  • —  Physical security (barriers, locks, fencing)
  • —  Electronic security systems (alarms, cameras, access control systems, IT security)
  • —  Visitor procedure (sign in sheet, badge requirement, escort policy)
  • —  Security officers (actively patrolling the facility)
  • —  Security officer training (CPO accredited)
  • —  Security procedures checklist (reviewed every shift)
  • —  Employee training and awareness (first aid, security policies)
  • —  Insurance
  • —  Business continuity and crisis preparedness plan
  • —  Training with local law enforcement and emergency responders
  • —  Corporate emergency response team (CERT)
  • —  Secure parking facility
  • —  Crisis communications plan
  • —  Proper facility maintenance
  • —  Incident response process

Once an organization has identified vulnerabilities to their security program, the necessary risk mitigation measures will be put in place to create multiple layers of security. These integrated security controls are designed to counteract, avoid, or minimize risks to the organization.

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