Severely Injured Air Force Trauma Surgeon Saves Rescue Crewman

On a daily basis, first responders place themselves in harm’s way. First responders train relentlessly to reduce the risk to themselves and their team; but in the end the risk is still there.

Recently a U.S. Air Force trauma surgeon was severely injured while hiking. Another group of hikers had radios, which were used to alert the California Highway patrol. After reading that sentence, we now have the vision of the California Highway Patrol helicopter landing on the side of a mountain, with a rescue crewman jumping out of the aircraft, stabilizing and evacuating the surgeon.

But that is not what happened; the rescue crewman was hit by the slowly rotating blade of the helicopter, crushing his skull. Now the Air Force trauma surgeon had to become the rescuer.

The rescue crewman remains hospitalized. The trauma surgeon’s broken leg was treated, and he has been released from the hospital.

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Posted in Telecom by sonictemple at November 2nd, 2012.
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