The Red Cross Social Media Survey and Emergency Services

Links to articles titled “Using Social Media To Contact 9-1-1” such as this one from WTSP  in Tampa, FL., have surfaced from time to time.

The eye-grabbing line is “A recent Red Cross survey found 44% of people would use social media to alert rescue crews if they couldn’t call 9-1-1.”

Referring back to a, August 2010 Red Cross Press Release, other surprising numbers are revealed.

  • 20%: Would try to contact responders through e-mail, websites, social media.
  • 20%: Report posting eyewitness accounts of emergency events to their accounts.
  • 28%: would send a direct Twitter message to responders.
  • 35%: Would post a request for help directly on a response agency’s Facebook page
  • 44%: Would ask other people in their social network to contact authorities
  • nearly 50%: Believe a response agency is probably already responding to any urgent request they might see.
  • 69%: Said that emergency responders should be monitoring social media sites in order to quickly send help
  • 74%: Expected help to come less than an hour after their tweet or Facebook post

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Posted in Telecom by sonictemple at November 2nd, 2012.
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