October is National Bullying Prevention Month


Bullying is a serious issue that directly impacts thousands of children every day. It is an intentional behavior that hurts someone either physically or emotionally and has significant short- and long-term effects that can negatively impact a child’s education, health, and safety.

Security Officers can observe inappropriate behavior while on post. Teaching children how to relate with their peers can help children build the social skills to interact in positive ways and to develop resilience against bullying.

The key to preventing bullying is to be prepared to deal effectively with bullying before, during, and after it occurs.

Florida Association for the Education of Young Children offers courses that will help equip you with the skills to intervene consistently and appropriately. View their course, Bullying: Identification and Prevention and help establish a supportive and safe climate where all children are accepted and know how to respond when bullying happens.

Posted in For Your Knowledge by sonictemple at October 10th, 2014.
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